Man Jumps Out Of Wheelchair And Crawls To Save A Kitten’s Life

Man Jumps Out Of Wheelchair And Crawls To Save A Kitten’s Life


After seeing this man in a wheelchair jump to the ground to rescue the life of a helpless being, you may wonder how much you do to help unprotected creatures. Even more so if they are in a dangerous circumstance.
A video that became popular on social networks and led everyone to the point of reflection.

The protagonist is Abu Mujtahid. He is a 30-year-old Paralympic athlete who didn’t mind exposing himself to rescue a kitten who was trapped in a drain.

Abu lives in Sabah, Malaysia, and is disabled. But that didn’t stop him from acting when he heard the helpless meow of the animal.
He was walking with a friend when he noticed a small creature struggling to get out of the storm drain. Obviously she was in trouble.
Abu didn’t hesitate, maybe he could ask for help from another person, but far from that he decided to act on his own.
This man got out of his wheelchair and crawled through the bush to get closer to where the kitten was hanging. All of this happened while his companion, a friend who was also disabled, recorded the ransom.

In the pictures, Abu is seen approaching the edge of the drain. It fails on the first try. Then he decides to adjust his position to get closer to the kitten that is trying desperately to climb to save itself from the water.
Finally, Abu reaches out to take the creature who humbly accepts the help of the generous man.

As if the feat had not been heroic and poignant enough, in the remaining seconds of the video the man is seen crawling back through the bush toward the road.

The pictures show how the stray cat runs happily and can cross the street.

This good deed moved us all, because despite his condition, this man thought of no limitation and simply put his greatest effort and love into rescuing the kitten in trouble.
Share this note and show everyone that there are no excuses to help.
Please! When you see an animal in danger, do not hesitate to help.
Source: Zoorprendente

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